Isis Kenney is a well-known and respected visual artist best known for creating both the artistic and decorative style branded and trademarked as Hip Hop Fine Art. (HHFA) Hip Hop Fine Art  is a creative brand that specializes in fine art and home decor. Hip Hop Fine Art aims to preserve Hip Hop History And Culture. 

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York. Her parents, both educators, and artists cultivated her talent in a home covered in african traditional fine art, Jazz and R&B music and african textiles. Being surrounded by traditional fine art and being an only child.  Kenney created a world where she was eager to collect and preserve what was important to her.  

Her collection consists of Hip Hop Photojournalism Books, Hip Hop Magazines, Vinyl records and a ton of other Hip Hop and Sports Memorabilia Collectables. After graduating from high school, Kenney earned a Degree in Visual Communications, studied at the School of Visual Arts and later a BA from the State University of New York, Empire State College. 

Kenney’s creations are both a homage to hip hop culture  as a way to preserve it’s impact through visual narratives.  Her purpose is to educate, communicate, and inspire. Kenney’s work is effective at calling out truth, aspiring to instigate social, political, and cultural changes. With the primary objective of creating dialogue,  her work holds a mirror to America.  ​

Creating in multiple mediums, from collage and digital prints to home décor, textiles that tell stories and interior design all within the context of hip hop influences, she has been featured in numerous galleries, museums, and acquired by private collectors. Currently, Kenney divides her time between her home and her studio located in New York and Atlanta, GA.


Our Artwork:

Hip Hop Fine Art™  is an opportunity to bring the history of the Black Experience and culture into homes, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Our Mission is to encourage all children to aspire for greatness. 

Positive Images Matter!


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